2018 Senior Models Wanted<

We are looking for outgoing high school senior girls and guys that are energetic and who love our style to represent our studio during their senior year. There are EXCLUSIVE benefits for our seniors and parents that are only offered through this program. No previous model experience required. Apply today!

The Program Details :

  1. A free 20 minute model session taken by April 1, 2017.(later you will do your summer senior session)

  2. You will be given Model Referral & Social Media Images with Discount Code. For every booking redeemed, YOU will receive $75 credit towards your final portrait order and your friend will receive $50 towards their session fee. Your credit earning is unlimited but each friend can only use one coupon code per session and must mention coupon code when they schedule their session. Extra surprises through out the year if you post on your social media accounts.

  3. Your summer session must be done by 9/1/17 and senior order must be placed by 10/1/17.

  4. You will be featured in our senior website, media pages, social networks and in our Class of 2018 campaigns.

  5. You are required to put down a $250 deposit that will be applied toward your senior summer session and picture order. The deposit must be paid to reserve your model session.

  6. Summer/Fall senior sessions require a $400 min order. Your $250 deposit will apply towards that. You also receive $50 off one summer session of your choice. With very little work you should be able to get 1-2 referrals. But you overachievers could really make out. We love to spoil our Models. We can't wait to hear from you. Fill out the application and we will get back to you soon and get ready to have some FUN!

We can't wait to hear from you. Fill out the application and we will get back to you soon and get ready to have some FUN!

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We are searching for upcoming seniors who love our style and are willing to share their images on Twitter & Instagram. Also share behind the scenes photos from your shoots. Tell us why you think you would be a good promoter for our studio?

Tell us about what school activities, community events, charities and outside activities you are involved in?

Describe yourself...

I understand that I can only represent Fusion Edge Photography and will have my summer session at Fusion Edge Photography.
I have the permission of my parents to be a model for Fusion Edge Photography.
I understand that I am required to purchase a session of my choice and will receive $50 off that session and I will also pay a $250 deposit that will be applied to my final portrait order.

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